• Clear Idea

    You don't have to have an exact image, we do offer services to create custom designs and graphics!  Having a solid idea from the start is best.

  • References

    We're visual creatures, and having references to help you show us what you have in mind for a new design is extremely helpful for us.  Found a logo or artwork you like?  Send it our way.

  • Logo or Custom?

    Logos are often associated with specific companies and brands, that are not altered (and if allowed, not drastically).  If you have a specific logo with specifics of use, please make that apparent with your order.

    Custom artwork and designs are not directly linked to brands, and can be changed and made however you want!  There is endless creativity available.

    We are open to make whatever feasibly possible!

  • File Types

    The required file types for artwork, graphics, and designs must be:


    Photoshop (300dpi)


    And ideally to-size to fit the garment or accessory wanted.  Don't know the size?  Consult with us and we'll work it out.

  • JPG or PNG only?

    If you do not have the ability to send a design in the file types listed, we offer artwork services to be able to recreate the design as close to accurate as possible.  Artwork will be made and sent to you for approval before ever making your order.  For any of our services, it is a must to have things in the proper format to get your order processed!

  • Consulting

    We will be able to consult with you, and provide knowledgeable suggestions for design alteration for the best result!