Steps to Order

  • Contract

    We offer contract printing if you already have your apparel and just need the printing process completed.

    *No minimum

  • Custom

    We provide the apparel, you provide the graphics. We will apply your artwork to a garment style of your choice.

    *No minimum

  • Custom + Artwork

    We provide the apparel and graphics. Set up a consultation with one of our designers to figure out what works best for you.

  • 1. Get A Quote

    Basics to start an order:

    - What types of garments

    - Quantity of garments

    - Have artwork ready in proper format if applicable.

    If some details aren't certain, no worries we can help!*

  • 2. Invoice & Payment

    Once everything is in order, we will reach out to you with an invoice overlooking the total of all items and additional costs. Once approved, a 50% Deposit Payment must be processed then we can proceed with fulfilling your order.

  • 3. Order Process Begins

    Once we have received payment your order will start to be processed. For Custom and Custom+Artwork orders, we then will get your chosen garments ordered and on the way to us!

    Our general turnaround time is 5-10 business days once we have garments in our hands!

  • 4. Approve Draft

    While we wait for provided garments from you, or for the garments we ordered for you, we will reach out with your final design draft and mock-ups. Please carefully review this draft for errors before providing approval.

    Changes to artwork cannot be made after this point.

    Please review our Artwork Guidelines

  • 5. Fire Up the Presses

    Your order begins production. Art will be prepped accordingly for your order.

    Screens will be setup to print your apparel, digitizing will be finalized to hoop for embroidery, and more!

  • 6. Pick Up / Ship

    Your order has been finished! You can either pick up if local or we can ship your items.

    Shipping is not included in turnaround time.

Type of Garments

Type of Garments - We need to know precisely what type of garment(s) you are wanting for your order. You want T-Shirts screen printed? Great! There are quite literally thousands of different brands and types of shirts ranging through all sort of cost amounts - the same goes for hats, pants, even can koozies. If you don't know where to begin, no worries, we can help you find the garment that best suits your needs.

Start by telling us what you are more concerned about - comfort, cost, durability, color, etc.

For hats, we need to know if you're wanting structured, flat billed, trucker hats, snapback/adjustable, or one-size fittings, etc.

If you've had brands in past that you've previously had or ordered, please tell us or send us good images of the tags and we can try to narrow down options!

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